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Announcing Mystery Cakes! Posted on 26 Jul 14:55

Don't be a Lazy Cake! Help Mr. Spriggy Solve the Mystery Cake Riddle!

(1st Riddle launch is August 1st and 1st Mystery Cake reveal is on August 8th)

The cake’s afoot! Hey Cupcake!'s mascot, Mr. Spriggy, is back in town looking for clues for our new mystery cupcake, which launches on August 8th.

Don’t sit back and be a lazy cake...Help Mr. Spriggy decipher the riddle that appears August 1st by checking our Facebook and Twitter pages in addition to our email blast.

Mr. Spriggy looking for clues at front counter

During the week of August 1-7, track Mr. Spriggy’s moves around Austin on Facebook and Twitter to catch a conceivable riddle clue. He may be at the bat bridge or Angelina Eberly Statue…who knows!

If you spot Mr. Spriggy while he’s out clue searching, bust out your best "Spriggy Jiggy" moves with him. Whoever gets the most likes for their epic dance will win a special prize. Hey Cupcake! lovers who don’t discover our beloved mascot out in the wild can also win a prize by sharing their awesome "Spriggy Jiggy" video on our page.

Mr. Spriggy looking for mystery cupcake clues

Mystery Cake Riddle contest details:

The first person to solve the riddle before the August 8th launch will win a mystery cupcake and FREE Dozen of their choice.  All subsequent correct answers will score a B.O.G.O. cupcake coupon.

Start the guessing…you only have seven days to win FREE mystery cakes!

Stay tuned...for a slice of the action every two weeks as Mr. Spriggy hits the streets of Austin in search of clues to solve the next mystery cake riddle. A little hint: watch for the second riddle on August 15th and next mystery cupcake reveal on August 22nd.

Mr. Spriggy at the front counter

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as the email blast for the first riddle on August 1st. Solve it prior to August 8th, and the mystery cupcake and a sweet prize will be yours.

In Sweetness,

Mandy Ellis

Mandy Ellis is an Austin-based freelance food, travel, and health writer who dives with delight into boxes of Double Doses. You can find her at www.mandyellis.com.